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Ludmilla (in production)
The Revolutionary Watermelon (released)
Statues (released)
Like Roots In The Soil (released)
Bird Of Passage (released demo - final release in 2020)


“Space Backyard” is an independent creative crew made of Alessandro Arcidiacono, Simone Tranchina, Maddalena Grattarola and Gianluca Pandolfo. We're constantly searching for amazing stories that we like to share in a unique way through video games and visual arts.


The Space Backyard started in 2016 as a creative-duo formed by Alessandro and Simone. We were fed up with the rigid mechanisms that ruled a big game company such as the one where we met and worked as colleagues. At that point we were eager to craft something new, independently. “The Story of the Revolutionary Watermelon…” was our first game: it involved the slapping of a watermelon (a real one!), and it was conceived as a barbaric yawp against the industry, a tribute to Limbo, and our first act of freedom. We developed it for the Watermelon Game Jam, which was organised by Gianluca, it ended up being selected by Game Happens, an independent and international festival in Genova (Italy), where we met Maddalena, and it was featured on Kotaku. Later, both Gianluca and Maddalena joined the team. In short, we may say that our studio was born under the sign of a watermelon that indeed had revolutionary powers since it has brought us all together, in some weird magical way. Concerning our roles, we are all professionals coming from different backgrounds, and we nurture our individual passions as a means to enrich our common interest in game making. Simone is the 3D artist and character animator, Alessandro is the art director and a generalist, Gianluca is a generalist specialised in coding, Maddalena is the writer and narrative designer. As gamemakers, our method is to make the most of the interactivity that video games provide as a medium to tell stories in a gentle and captivating way: we find inspiration in the hidden gems dwelling in between the lines of yesteryear news. By choosing to embrace a minimalist aesthetic, we directly engage with the player’s emotions, expectations, and memories. Specifically, we love to tell stories that manifest the granularity of everyday life and we manage to do so by sewing them directly to elements taken from history.



  • Indicade Europe nominee - game: "Bird Of Passage"" - Paris (France) 2019

  • EGX - Leftfield collection - game: "Bird Of Passage " - London (UK) 2019

  • Likelike showcase - game: "Like Roots In The Soil" " - Pittsburgh (PA-USA) 2019

  • EGX Rezzed - Leftfield collection - game: "Like Roots In The Soil" " - London (UK) 2018

  • ZKM Center for Art and Media showcase - game: "Like Roots In The Soil" " - Karlsruhe (Germany) 2018

  • Amaze Festival nominee - game: "Like Roots In The Soil"" - Berlin (Germany)  2017



Alessandro Arcidiacono 

Co-founder  - Art - Code

Simone Tranchina 

Co-founder - Art

Maddalena Grattarola 

Narrative Designer - Writer

Gianluca Pandolfo 


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